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Crisis Communication Management


AKare Communication Management provides crisis communication management services to all institutions, organizations, brands and business partners on an organizational basis, against the possibility of internal or external factors that may adversely affect the reputation of the organization.

When faced with a crisis at any point in time, companies need to communicate strategically in order to explain themselves to their target audience and regain their shaken image and reputation.

At this point, public relations, as a function of top management, plays a vital role both in ensuring the organization’s communication with the environment and in directing internal communication.

The crisis communication service offered by AKare Communication Management to its business partners is primarily aimed at identifying and intervening in the issues that will create crisis potential, taking under control the crisis of any size, whether small or large, in all traditional and digital channels, and ensuring that the organization overcomes this crisis with minimal damage.

Within the scope of crisis communication service, information pollution is eliminated by intervening instantly and in the most effective way to the news about the organization that has spread to the media organs and that will damage the reputation of the organization.

AKare Communication Management also periodically provides crisis communication training to organizations within the scope of crisis management consultancy, applies in-organizational crisis communication simulation and prevents damage to the reputation and operational goals of the organization by revealing in detail how to follow a road map in possible crises.

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Mission: “Innovation in Communication”

AKare's mission is primarily to reveal the value produced by its business partners, to deliver this value to its target audience through the media channels that provide the most effective access, and to bring innovative elements to sustainable communication.

Vision: Creating Added Value

AKare Communication Management adopts the 'Insight' discipline as a model in all its work and applies it consistently. This builds corporate added value and brand perception by creating an innovative and creative communication discipline for all institutions, organizations and private organizations that produce services.

Believing that sustainable and integrated communication brings success, AKare Communication Management has professional principles specific to agency dynamics, which it calls 'AKare Style'.

We Add Value with Our Sectoral Expertise

With its sectoral experience and command of changing communication dynamics, AKare Communication Management has provided consultancy services to numerous brands, especially in health, food, real estate, tourism, sports, retail and industrial organizations (B2B).

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