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AKare Communication Management

The Art of Communication...

Since 2014, added value to more than 200 brands, 24 national events, 27,871 news coverage, 375 million news circulation, 100 million TL advertising equivalent value, 22 national and international awards and much more…

AKare Communication Management

The Art of Communication...

Since 2014, added value to more than 200 brands, 24 national events, 27,871 news coverage, 375 million news circulation, 100 million TL advertising equivalent value, 22 national and international awards and much more…

360° Communication Solutions

AKare is your solution partner in all areas of communication on digital and traditional platforms with our professional and sectoral know-how!

Our Focus is Insight

Internalizing each institution and individual we collaborate with is the key to our success.

Creative Perspective

With our sectoral perspective, we look at all our business processes from a creative and target audience perspective.

Our Services

AKare Communication Management creates added value to the brand identity of its business partners by providing consultancy services in PR, media relations, marketing communication, event management, digital platforms and creative fields to national and multinational institutions, organizations, private organizations and individuals who tend to manage communication effectively.

Strategic Media Relationship Management

With strategic media relations management, we achieve prestigious press coverage in the national and international arena with the written and/or visual content we prepare on behalf of our business partners for their events, products, projects, services and organizational activities with strategically determined periods and media planning.
For detailed information about Strategic Media Relationship Management, you can contact us.
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Digital Media Management

AKare Communication Management develops communication and marketing strategies for all digital channels where business partners want to reach their target audience instantly and effectively, and undertakes the effective management of targeted digital channels.
For detailed information about Digital Media Management, you can contact us.
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Brand Communication Consultancy

We undertake strategic brand communication management that will enable our business partners to meet with their target audience in the most effective way and through the most accurate channels in line with the goals of our business partners on the basis of institutions, organizations, brands and organizations.
For detailed information about Brand Communication Consultancy, you can contact us.
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Private Communication Consultancy (Private PR)

We manage all communication and marketing processes in traditional and digital media with great care and sensitivity for professionals who have made a name for themselves in their field or who want to become a brand, and we contribute to the branding efforts of industry professionals.
For detailed information about Private Communication Consultancy (Private PR), you can contact us.
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Event and Project Management

We undertake the design of the events planned by our business partners on institutional, organizational and organizational basis in terms of corporate, social, cultural and sectoral aspects, the determination of the event objectives, and the management of the implementation until the final stage.
For detailed information about Event and Project Management, you can contact us.
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Digital Marketing Communication

On behalf of digital marketing communication activities, which are the most important supporter of our business partners' marketing communication activities, we develop, implement, report and optimize digital marketing strategies for many online channels.
For detailed information about Digital Marketing Communication, you can contact us.
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Web Site Design

We provide solution partnership in all planning, design, implementation, content management and after support stages of corporate website, individual website, landing page, micro site, e-commerce site projects of all institutions, organizations and individuals that we provide consultancy.
For detailed information about Web Site Design, you can contact us.
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Production Services

We offer solutions for all pre, during and post production processes of our business partners' photo and video shooting based production works (photo shootings, promotional videos, drone shootings, social media editing videos, specialty shootings, executive shootings, clinical / operating room / patient shootings).
For detailed information about Production Services, you can contact us.
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"Communication Management for Reputation Management"

In the communication sector, which is indexed to digital day by day, we adapt to the changing and developing sophisticated conditions of the age, taking into account the corporate values and goals of our business partners, to produce the most effective solutions specific to their needs and to do better every day.

Together with our team with more than 10 years of experience in different areas of the communication sector, we are positioned as a public relations agency that offers integrated services to numerous national and multinational brands from health to informatics, from real estate to shopping malls, from education to sports, under the roof of ‘AKare Innovative Solutions’ with our nearly 20 service lines since our establishment in 2014.

So why do we call what we do ‘communication management’? ‘Communication management’ because we are a communication agency that manages the communication and therefore the reputation of the brands we serve with customers, media, business partners, suppliers, investors, regulatory and supervisory institutions and organizations, legislative bodies, NGOs, social opinion leaders, in short, with all stakeholders. On this axis, we think it is a more accurate approach to express the exact equivalent of what we do as a ‘director’ rather than a consultant.

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AKare Communication Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Communication Makes the Difference!

There are some important factors to consider when choosing a PR agency. First of all, you should look at the experience of the PR agency. It is important to find out which projects they have worked on before and how long they have been in the sector. You should also pay attention to the sectors in which the PR agency provides services. Choosing an agency that is experienced in your sector can make your cooperation more efficient.

The sectors that a PR agency serves can help you choose a suitable agency for you. For example, if you are a technology or healthcare company, it may be more advantageous for you to work with an experienced agency with a background in technology or healthcare. An agency with a good understanding of your industry and target audience can develop your marketing strategies more effectively.

Reviewing the PR agency’s previous work can give you an idea of its quality and achievements. References show what kind of projects the PR agency has worked on and which brands it has collaborated with. Working with an agency with successful references can help your business achieve better results.

Communication with the public relations agency you will work with is important for the success of your collaboration. A healthy communication bridge allows you to communicate the requirements and goals of your project to the agency. It is also important that the agency regularly informs you about the progress of the project. Keeping your communication channels open and clear ensures that your project runs smoothly.

There are many advantages to working with a PR agency. PR agencies support you with their teams specialized in marketing and communication. They develop marketing strategies for you, promote your brand and help you reach your target audience. Thanks to their experience, PR agencies can offer you more effective results and help you use your time more efficiently.

Briefing: We Understand You Best

We first listen in detail to all brands, institutions and individuals that we meet on the same ground for communication activities. Being meticulous about briefing is the first and most important step towards achieving our stakeholders’ goals.


Analysis Development is Doomed to Analysis

It is impossible to manage without a detailed analysis. We trust our brand check-ups and take over the management of all your communication processes from you.


Implementation Everyone thinks, AKare implements!

We believe that the more experience you have, the more flawless the implementation is. Our experience will benefit us and our methods of implementing it will benefit you.


Reporting You cannot improve what you cannot measure!

All the strategic work we do for our brands gains value and develops with our detailed reporting methods.


We Add Value with Our Sectoral Expertise

As AKare Communication Management, we have created added value for countless brands from numerous national and multinational sectors with our mastery of changing communication dynamics.

With our sectoral experience and command of changing communication dynamics, we have provided consultancy services to brands and individuals in numerous sectors, especially institutions operating in health, food, real estate, tourism, sports, retail and industrial (B2B).

A PR agency experienced in a company’s field of activity can guide its client on where, when and how to take which step in integrated communication activities.

In addition, with its sectoral experience, it can create a serious competitive advantage for the client by bypassing very important classes. To explain this issue with an example:

If you are an organization operating in the health sector and looking for a PR agency, you need to work with a competent PR agency that has previously provided consultancy in the field of health, has strong relations with the health and economic press, is experienced in the challenges and opportunities in this sector and can guide its client in every sense.

Because the public relations agency you will cooperate with in this sense is both a part of your team and your solution partner who can best analyze exactly what your company needs as a new eye from the outside.

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