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Sports Oriented Marketing Communication


The Pioneer of Sports Communication in Turkey: AKare Communication Management

AKare Communications, one of the pioneers of sports-oriented marketing communications in Turkey, determines the communication strategies of institutions, organizations, federations, private organizations and individual athletes who invest in sports in Turkey or abroad and whose main field of activity is sports services, constructs communication platforms and positions itself as a professional solution partner to increase brand value.

AKare carries out strategic media relations, marketing communication management, cash and in-kind sponsorship communication, event and project management, digital media management and corporate identity management within the scope of sports-oriented marketing communication.

Services provided within the scope of sports-oriented marketing communication:

Strategic Communication Planning

Strategic Media Relationship Management

Marketing Communication Management

Digital Media Management

Sponsorship Communication

Event Management

Project Management

Corporate Identity Management

Mission: “Innovation in Communication”

AKare's mission is primarily to reveal the value produced by its business partners, to deliver this value to its target audience through the media channels that provide the most effective access, and to bring innovative elements to sustainable communication.

Vision: Creating Added Value

AKare Communication Management adopts the 'Insight' discipline as a model in all its work and applies it consistently. This builds corporate added value and brand perception by creating an innovative and creative communication discipline for all institutions, organizations and private organizations that produce services.

Believing that sustainable and integrated communication brings success, AKare Communication Management has professional principles specific to agency dynamics, which it calls 'AKare Style'.

We Add Value with Our Sectoral Expertise

With its sectoral experience and command of changing communication dynamics, AKare Communication Management has provided consultancy services to numerous brands, especially in health, food, real estate, tourism, sports, retail and industrial organizations (B2B).

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