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Strategic Media Relations Management

AKare Communication Management provides consultancy support to numerous national and international institutions, organizations and brands in many areas under the basic concept of ‘strategic communication management’ and ‘AKare Innovative Communication Solutions’.

AKare Communication Management provides media relations management through written and/or visual content prepared by AKare Communication Management in accordance with the information obtained from the activities, products, projects, services and organizational activities of institutions, organizations and business partners in organizational structure, in accordance with strategically determined periods and subject-agenda management.

METHOD: ‘AKare’, which assumes an active and dynamic role in the content management of its documents informing the public, determines the media channels according to the scope of the information. The main targeted media channels are national agencies, national newspapers, television main news and programs, national and sectoral magazines, national news portals, all sectoral and local channels and social media channels, as well as new media production.

Within the scope of strategic media relations management, AKare Communication Management aims to strategically deliver the message or messages that the business partner wants to give to the target audience and the public in the most effective way through the most accurate communication channels, as well as to completely eliminate false or incomplete information that may occur.

Media Relations Consultancy Parameters

Press Release Communication: Within the framework of a sustainable communication plan, the main backbone of regular press releases is prepared on an annual basis, in line with the marketing plan and strategy of business partners. The medium is national, private and local media outlets.

Special Interviews and TV Guest Appearances: This includes question-and-answer interviews, live broadcast guest appearances in audio-visual media, in which the senior executives of business partners are used to inform the agenda and/or special information, and in which the senior executive explains his/her own views as well as the corporate culture.

Special News and File Topic Works: Responsible for creating special interview, special news and file subject content in line with the business partners’ areas of expertise and communication strategies. These contents are prepared by taking into account basic disciplines such as agenda management and topic management.

Column Writing Activities: Within the scope of individual communication consultancy, regular columns are organized to reinforce the reputation of the business partner in Turkey’s leading print and online media.

Launch-Launches: These are events where media outlets are hosted with an event and senior executives attend, and collective information is transferred to media outlets. These are meetings where a new organization, a new product, service or innovation is first introduced. The media editors to be invited are determined according to the content of the information to be provided.

News Scanning: This involves the regular monitoring of all news (newspapers, television, magazines, websites, radio) in the media channels of the business partners for which services are produced. With the news scanning method, news containing mostly false or incomplete information is accessed and intervened in a short time.

Reporting and Measurement: Following the news scan, all news about the business partner in both written and visual media are compiled, measured and reported at specified periods.

Mission: “Innovation in Communication”

AKare's mission is primarily to reveal the value produced by its business partners, to deliver this value to its target audience through the media channels that provide the most effective access, and to bring innovative elements to sustainable communication.

Vision: Creating Added Value

AKare Communication Management adopts the 'Insight' discipline as a model in all its work and applies it consistently. This builds corporate added value and brand perception by creating an innovative and creative communication discipline for all institutions, organizations and private organizations that produce services.

Believing that sustainable and integrated communication brings success, AKare Communication Management has professional principles specific to agency dynamics, which it calls 'AKare Style'.

Strategic Media Relations Management Services

AKare Communication Management provides media relations management through written and/or visual content prepared by AKare Communication Management in accordance with the information obtained from the activities, products, projects, services and organizational activities of its business partners in institutions, organizations and organizational structures, in accordance with strategically determined periods and subject-agenda management.

Organization-Specific Content Production

It is prepared to share a change or development in the institution or organization with the public. Sectoral development, change and sharing of foresight, expressing opinions also include the content of the subject.

Topic-Agenda Management

AKare Communication Management implements Topic-Address management, which it sees as an important communication material, with detailed planning and implementation methods that include rational strategies. Through its employees who closely follow the changing dynamics of the sector and have a researcher and questioning spirit, AKare ensures that its clients both stay on the agenda and create an agenda.

Perception Management

Defending that the best way to manage communication is to manage perception , AKare Communication Management team strengthens the corporate image of its business partners with perception management and ensures that it spreads to large masses. Perception management, which will be carried out with a successful strategy, is to increase the brand value of the institutions and organizations that are consulted, to increase the brand value in front of their shareholders, to ensure consumer loyalty in the way of persuading a product, service or idea, which is the first step, and to create a better “goodwill” environment in times of crisis. paves the way for quick delivery.

Reputation Management

AKare Communication Management argues that a lean PR approach alone will not be sufficient in terms of brand and reputation management and that online-offline communication must be carried out together and integrated with each other. AKare Communication Management transforms threats into opportunities by intervening immediately to positive or negative comments, complaints and false news that it may encounter about its business partner on the internet with its digital reputation management. The fact that companies follow what is spoken about themselves or their products on social media and other platforms and take quick action against negative comments increases the online reputation of the brand and carries it to the top in the eyes of consumers.

Leader and Spokesperson Communication

We provide consultancy support to the senior management of the institutions, organizations and organizational business partners that we provide consultancy services to, in order to increase the corporate image and brand value of the relevant organization. ‘AKare’ also organizes the communication of the senior management of business partners with shareholders, investors, employees, customers and suppliers within the scope of leader communication service, and positions the senior managers of business partners as respected, trusted, consulted and referenced people in the sector before the press and the public.

Crisis Communication Management

When a company faces a crisis at any point in time, it needs to communicate strategically in order to explain itself to its target audience and regain its shaken image and reputation. At this point, public relations, as a function of senior management, plays a vital role both in ensuring the organization’s communication with the environment and in directing internal communication. AKare Communication Management provides crisis communication management services to all institutions, organizations, brands and business partners on an organizational basis, in case of internal or external factors that may adversely affect the reputation of the organization.

Media Planning and Purchasing

Media planning, one of the most effective tools of marketing, ensures that an advertisement reaches the target audience in the most effective way by using the right communication tools. AKare Communication carries out media planning and purchasing to ensure that advertising campaigns are broadcast in the right medium, the right time is determined and the work reaches the target audience in the right way. 

Media Education

In the world of public relations, the influence and importance of the media can never be underestimated. The media is a powerful tool to build, protect and enhance the reputation of an organization or individual. For this reason, we guide our clients through a special program to ensure that they are able to speak effectively, coherently and powerfully with members of the media, as well as underline the right messages on behalf of the organization, prior to their interviews and TV appearances in front of the press.

We Add Value with Our Sectoral Expertise

With its sectoral experience and command of changing communication dynamics, AKare Communication Management has provided consultancy services to numerous brands, especially in health, food, real estate, tourism, sports, retail and industrial organizations (B2B).

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