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We provide solution partnership in all planning, design, implementation, content management and subsequent support stages of corporate website, individual website, Landing Page, microsite, E-Commerce site processes of all institutions, organizations and individuals we consult.

E-commerce websites are increasingly popular today and have become an indispensable part of online shopping. Such websites enable businesses to offer their products and services for sale over the internet. Customers can choose the products they want, place orders and make payments through these sites.

E-commerce websites usually have a user-friendly interface and have various features to facilitate the shopping experience. These features may include product categories, filtering options, cart management and secure payment systems. Detailed product descriptions are also a common feature, allowing customers to access product pages to review products and read reviews from other users.

E-commerce websites offer many advantages for businesses. Selling online allows you to overcome the limitations of physical stores and reach a worldwide customer base. It also offers lower costs and wider marketing opportunities for online sales. Businesses can easily reach their customers and increase their sales through e-commerce websites.

Corporate websites are sites that provide information about a company or organization and promote its products and services. Such websites reassure potential customers by explaining the company’s mission, vision and values. It also includes information such as the company’s history, purpose of establishment and success stories.

A corporate website can be designed in a customized way to promote the company’s products and services. This website can include descriptions, features and prices of the products offered by the company. It also provides information on how to reach customers and how they can buy.

Corporate websites usually have a professional look and reflect the company’s brand identity. Its design, colors and logos represent the corporate identity of the company. In this way, customers gain a sense of trust while learning more about the company.

In addition, corporate websites often include contact information and customer support services. Customers can contact the company through the website, ask their questions or report their complaints. Thus, the company strengthens customer relations and increases customer satisfaction.

Corporate websites are an important tool to enhance the company’s reputation and brand value. Potential customers can learn more and get a favorable impression of the company by visiting the company’s website. Therefore, it is important that a corporate website is professionally designed and regularly updated.

Personal websites are sites where individuals promote themselves or their interests, sharing content such as blog posts or portfolios. Such websites allow users to tell their own stories, share their thoughts and showcase their talents.

Personal websites are a highly effective tool for self-promotion. These sites allow the user to showcase their professional background and experience. For example, a graphic designer can showcase their work and skills on their personal website. A writer can share his or her writings and published works.

Personal websites can also be used to publish blog posts. A user can share their thoughts and experiences on topics of interest. Blog posts provide an opportunity to interact with other people and share information.

Portfolio websites are a sub-category of personal websites. Such sites allow the user to showcase their talents. For example, a photographer can showcase his or her best photos on a portfolio website. A musician can share their compositions and performances.

Personal websites provide a great platform for individuals to express themselves, share their interests and connect with other people. Such sites help users build their own brand and manage their digital presence.

For information about our website services, you can contact our team at 0212 853 53 59.

Mission: “Innovation in Communication”

AKare's mission is primarily to reveal the value produced by its business partners, to deliver this value to its target audience through the media channels that provide the most effective access, and to bring innovative elements to sustainable communication.

Vision: Creating Added Value

AKare Communication Management adopts the 'Insight' discipline as a model in all its work and applies it consistently. This builds corporate added value and brand perception by creating an innovative and creative communication discipline for all institutions, organizations and private organizations that produce services.

Believing that sustainable and integrated communication brings success, AKare Communication Management has professional principles specific to agency dynamics, which it calls 'AKare Style'.

We Add Value with Our Sectoral Expertise

With its sectoral experience and command of changing communication dynamics, AKare Communication Management has provided consultancy services to numerous brands, especially in health, food, real estate, tourism, sports, retail and industrial organizations (B2B).

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